September 25, 2012

Summer 2012

Long time no Blog.
I miss having TIME to blog regularly.
Redecorating, Pinterest, and being a Mom has taken over my life.
Usually my life is not too exciting, so when I take four months off it's rather easy to play catch up,
BUT, these past 4 months have actually been very eventful for the Demke household.
Lots of vacations, visiting family/friends, and going to the beach. fun fun.
Here's our summer in a pictures. (Minus the home updates). Those will be blogged later.
Lots and lots of pictures and not a lot of reading..I'm too lazy to type.

Oceanfront campsite.

Grandma Susan and Benny Blue Eyes.
Cohen didn't know the correct way to pee in the ocean.

Don't mind my granny hat, I had a SUNBURNED scalp.

Me and my best Jamie girl.
Cohen LOVEs Bird of Paradise (flowers). He was very excited here.
You can't tell because he was too exhausted to smile.
Auntie Dawn's house
Grandpa came to visit.
Girls Nights with my Girls (Minus Mariah who is behind the camera)
La Jolla Tidepools.
Legoland with the Houston cousins.

Stinkbug Love.

Big Springs. (ben and anne)

Mesa Falls
Bozeman, MT. One of my favortie places.
Paradise Falls hike near Bozeman.
Cohen is crying because he hates hiking like his mama.
Paradise Falls.
Yup. That's me hiking. Again.

First time shooting a BB Gun.

Another hike. (Sheep Creek)

Mama bird had babies.

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